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Shalom Aleichem: Angels of Peace

The quality of Shalom, peace, is related to ‘Shleimut,’ being whole. While many consider Shalom the absence of conflict, that is the lowest level of peace.  In its highest manifestation, peace represents the harmonious interaction of all components of a community, each fulfilling his own function and helping others to fulfill theirs, without jealousy or hindrance.

Because the angels, by definition, are creatures of God, who exist only to carry out His will with no personal consideration of their own, they are known as Angels of Peace.

Only one thing can alter this ideal condition: man, by his sins, can create destructive angels.

We therefore greet the accompanying angels with blessings of peace, with the fervent hope that no misdeed of ours will disrupt their harmonious state. (Beit Yaakov)

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