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Vayechi-The Illumination of Fear

The fear of God is the one that is higher. It is in the Palm of God’s Hand. It is also His Force. This Palm, Kaf, is called the pan of merit, Kaf Zechut. This is because it inclines the world toward the side of merit.


It is thus written, “I will grant him a spirit of the fear of God, and he will not judge by the sight of his eyes, he will not admonish according to what his ear hears (Isaiah 11:3).” The Messiah will incline all the world to the pan of merit. From there counsel emanates, and from there health emanates to the world.

It is also written, “From there is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel (Genesis 49:24).” This is the place that is called “There.” Regarding this, it is written, “He has rays from His hand, and His Hidden Force is There (Habbakuk 3:4).” [The Book of Illumination #187]

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