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Vayeishev: Belz: Joseph’s Lesson: Constant Awareness

Every man of Israel, when he is in the synagogue or the study hall and involved in Torah study or prayer, is closer to God. But a person also has to be involved with matters of this world, and sometimes he is distracted by them. He should try to exert himself so that he not be deceived then, God forbid, by the false advice of his evil inclination. And when God, blessed be He, helps him, so that even when he is occupied with the matters of this world, he remembers God and has longing and yearning for Him, he should then pray to God that He always help him to be on that level, and that he should not fall from it (Rabbi Yehoshua of Belz – Sefer haChassidut miTorat Belz II, page 322).


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