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Timeless: A Two Way Street

“He recalled (Zachar) His kindness and His faithfulness to the House of Israel; all ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our Lord.” (Psalm 98:3)

Should you ask, that if God’s power was so great, why did He instruct Israel to borrow silver and gold from the Egyptians (Exodus 11:2), and why did Israel have to plunder Egypt? Why did God not simply force the Egyptians to hand over their gold and silver? The answer is that if God had done so the Egyptians would never have summoned the courage to pursue Israel. The sea would not have split and God’s Name would not have been aggrandized and sanctified as it was.

The Egyptians said to themselves that the fact that Israel had to use subterfuge was proof that they did not have the right to force their former masters to hand over their wealth. This allowed them to feel capable of vanquishing Israel. Thus, they pursued their slaves and the miracles of the Splitting of the Sea occurred.

Israel is given credit for having kept this plan, God’s secret, for over twelve months. (See Exodus 3:22, before the first of the plagues.) Had they leaked this information the miracle of the sea would have been aborted.

Because Israel kept its faith, after God remembered His kindness to Abraham, the ends of the earth witnessed our salvation by God.
(Alshich HaKadosh, Psalm 98:3)

The Alshich describes both God and Israel as being part of the Zachar – Remembering – or, what we are describing as the Timeless Process. Zachar in this verse is a two way street in which we keep our faith alive, connecting it with the past, and God responds with miracles and salvation, allowing us to be important parts of the Timeless Process.

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