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The Invisible Host

The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host

It must have been difficult to go to sleep without any Manna left over for the next day.

We never knew if it would fall the next day.

After all, the gift of Manna was always a direct reflection of our attachment to God: Would I find my portion right in front of my tent? Would it fall far from my tent?

I can understand the temptation to try to save some for tomorrow. Some tried. It did not turn out well for them.

And then, it’s Friday. I find a double portion. “Something else?!” “What’s happening?”

“Shabbat, none will fall. You have enough for two days.”

“But, we are not allowed to store for the next day!”

“Fridays are different.”

The one day when I am to feel closest with God, I will not experience His generosity and attention to me as an individual.

I may kvetch that I have to collect my Manna every morning, but I kind of like the feeling of God sending me an individual message each morning. Why should I not have that Good Morning Hug on Shabbat?

We return to the theme of Beshalach – The Parent sending the child from his arms to take his first steps of independence.

Shabbat is not when we receive our individual good morning hug from God – it is our opportunity to measure how far we have progressed in reaching out to God. It is the true measure of our independence.

And, there’s more…

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