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The Host

The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host

The 23rd Chapter of Proverbs begins; “When you sit down to dine with a ruler, know well what lies before you.”

Rashi explains that you must know your host. If the host is generous; you may insult him by eating sparingly. If you eat too much you may upset the stingy host.

We did not know our host, God, well when we ran into His arms. We had witnessed His power and anger, but had no idea of His generosity. Our last memories before slavery were of hunger – hunger that led us to Egypt to find food. This portion is our discovery of God.

The mighty miracles of the Splitting of the Red Sea were more than matched by God’s generous attention to our individual needs as we crossed through the miraculous walls. There was calm. We had food. We had fresh water.

God was “busy” saving Israel and destroying the Egyptians, but He was just as involved with each of us as individuals.

This attention to our individual needs were repeated with the manna that fell in exact measure for each, at a distance from our tents that matched our level of attachment to God and, with the taste and texture of our wished and desires.

This is our Host: The Creator, Master of the Universe, may very well be what we understand as “busy” – but we learned from those opening moments that He is never so busy as to forget each of us as individuals.

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