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The Host II

The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host

We were introduced to our Host in the desert, and in life:

We learned of His generosity and attention to detail. We discovered how this Infinite Being displays His concern for each of us as individuals. We experienced this first hand as we opened the flaps of our tents and found our portion of manna each morning;

This is what our sages meant when they taught that “The Torah could only be given to those eating Manna” , We can only learn Torah when we understand that the Infinite Torah, with all its vastness and depth, has something for each of us, “Vitein Chelkeinu BiToratecha” Give each of us our portion in Your Torah.

No wonder Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai changes just one word in the above Midrash; The Torah is given to be searched and discovered only by those who eat Manna.” We are searching for our Chelek, our portion, ourselves, in God’s Torah.

And, there’s more…

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