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Rosh Chodesh: Shabbat Mevarchim IV

“He Who performed miracles for our forefathers and redeemed them from slavery to freedom; may He redeem us soon and to gather in our dispersed from the four corners of the earth; all Israel becoming comrades. Now let us respond: Amen.” The Levush (Orach Chaim 421) explains that this short prayer was added because Rosh Chodesh was the first mitzvah commanded to the Jews at the time of the redemption from Egypt. We therefore pray for redemption at the time we declare the New Month.


The renewal of the moon is always understood as being a symbol for the renewal of the Jewish people, as we say in Kiddush Levana: “To the moon He said that it should renew itself as a crown of splendor for those borne by Him from the womb, those who are destined to renew themselves like it.” Therefore at the time we announce the New Month we pray for the redemption; our own renewal.

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