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Tu Bishvat – Seven Species: Wheat

“And He would feed him with the cream of the wheat, and from a rock I would sate you with honey.” (Psalms 81:17) The wheat is an allusion to the Manna we ate in the desert. The honey of the rock refers to the Well of Water that sprung from the rock.

The Manna – Wheat symbolizes the Written Torah, and the ever-flowing water is the Oral Torah. (Based on Zohar Chadash – Ki Tisa: Ma’amar Vinikeihu D’vash Miselah)

The wheat – Manna – Written Law may appear as fixed. The Manna fell in fixed portions for each person. The Written Law is set and determined. However, when consumed properly they lead to the infinite expansiveness of the Oral Law and the flowing water of the B’eir Miriam.

Tu Bishvat, the Rosh Hashana of Trees, – the shofar of Rosh Hashana is mentioned in this psalm – is our opportunity to pray that our Torah study be blessed as “the cream of the wheat,” that can expand into the flowing waters of the Well.

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