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Rosh Hashana: Anticipation

In the prophetic selection read on the second day of Rosh Hashana we listen to Jeremiah refer to the song of Miriam at the crossing of the Red Sea.  Her song and the song of all the women, was different from the men’s song. Miriam and the women with her had musical instruments and danced while singing. They had brought musical instruments with them from Egypt in anticipation of singing to God after experiencing miracles they were sure would come.

Jeremiah urges us to sing and celebrate on Rosh Hashana as Miriam did in her song. He wants us to focus on all the good of the past and look toward the future with same anticipation as Miriam and the women. 

1.    Use Rosh Hashana as a celebration of the possibilities of life.
2.    Look forward with anticipation to celebrating the moments of joy in the coming year.

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