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Prayer Skills-Rav of Alesk

The 24th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yitzchak Meyer of Alesk: It is written of the Rebbe of Alesk, how every morning he recited particular verses and prayers at each stage of his journey from his house to the synagogue:


1. When he was ready to go to the synagogue to pray, but still in his house, he said the verse, “I have considered my ways, and I will turn my feet back to Your testimonies (Psalms 119:59),” and then he also said, “I rejoiced when they said to me, ‘ Let us go to the House of God (Psalms 122).”

2. When he was going out the door, he kissed the mezuzah and said Shema, “Salvation is of the Lord (Psalms 3:9),” “Lord of hosts (Psalms 84:13),” “Lord, save! (Psalms 20:10),” “Please, O Lord, please save! O Lord, bring success (Psalms 118:25),” and added another personal prayer.

3. When he reached the courtyard of the synagogue he said, “To the House of God we will go with heightened emotion (Psalms 55:15).”

4. Before he entered the synagogue, he said, “How holy and awesome is this place (Genesis 28:17).”

5. When he was standing on the threshold of the entrance he said, “As for me, in the abundance of Your lovingkindness,” and another prayer of the form, “May it be Your will.”

6. Having entered he said, “Our feet are standing within the gates, O Jerusalem,” until, “I will seek Your good (Psalms 122),” and other supplications and additions. He would then say seven times the verse, “How beautiful and how sweet love is, with its delights (Song of Songs 7:7),” then a number of times the verse, “A continual fire shall burn on the altar; it shall not be put out (Leviticus 6:6),” and other prayers and supplications.

[Lev Sameach haChadash, Ohr Chadash, page 138]

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