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Prayer Tools-Slonim-The Peasant & His Horse

The 28th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Mordechai Kastelanitz of Lecovitz, the father of the Slonim Chassidic dynasty, immigrated to Chevron in 1844 (1837-1916). A peasant was on his way home from market one winter day. He stopped at an inn, tied his horse to the post, and proceeded to enjoy himself merrily. In the meantime, his poor horse stood outside in the deep snow, without food or drink, trembling from the cold.


By the same token, there are men who fasted often, thereby torturing their bodies, at the same time that their thoughts, which are an index to the true personality of men, turned to worldly affairs. These men are like the peasant and his horse. (Ohr Yesharim, page 33)

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