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Prayer Skills-Tetzaveh-Praying Over My Clothes

Rabbi Nachman was once speaking to his disciples about clothing. He said that one must pray for everything. If your garment is torn and must be replaced, pray to God for a new one. Do this for everything.


Make it a habit to pray for all your needs, large and small. Your main prayers, of course, should be for fundamentals, asking God to help you in your devotion and that you should be worthy of coming close to Him. Still, you should even pray for trivial things.

God may give you food, clothing and everything else even though you do not ask for it. But then you are like an animal. God gives each living thing it spread without being asked, and He can also give it to you in this manner. But if you do not trawl your needs through prayer, then you are living like a beast. A human must draw all necessities of life through prayer.

Rabbi Nathan of Nemerov writes:

I once had a slight need for some small insignificant thing. When I mentioned this fact to Rabbi Nachman, he said, “Pray to God for it.”

I was rather astonished to learn that one must pray to God for even such trivial things, especially in a case like this, where was not even a necessity.

Seeing my surprise, Rabbi Nachman asked me, “Is it then beneath your dignity to pray to God for a minor thing like this?” (Sichot HaRan 233)

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