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Prayer Skills-All Of Us-Zlotchov

The 5th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Moshe  Rokeach, Kiev-Zlotchover Rebbe. The Zlotchover Maggid remained a few weeks in Brody. It was observed that he walked back and forth in the synagogue, carrying his Tallit, and that he waited until everyone else had completed Services before he began to pray himself.


This odd conduct piqued the curiosity of the synagogue regulars, and they convinced a rich and learned member to ask the Rabbi for an explanation.

“Are you the most learned man in the city that you were selected to question me?”

“No,” replied the member. “I was chosen as the richest man in the congregation. The poorer members did not dare to approach.”

“It seems, then,” said the Rabbi, “it is money that questions me. I do not care to answer the questions placed to me by money.”

The Apter explained that the Zlotchover prayed so late so that he could include all the halfhearted prayers together with his own, and thereby make them all acceptable on High. (Yeshuat Yisrael, page 14)

Haggadah: “All who are hungry; come and eat. All who need; come and celebrate Pesach!” Our focus must be on including all people in our Pesach Seder.

This is also the theme of the Four Children: We lift some and attach ourselves to others who can elevate us.

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