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Pesukei d’Zimrah-Vayakhel-Finding Ways to Repair Our Sins

The 23rd of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of the Chiddushei HaRim: “From Moses’ presence they took the entire gift that the Children of Israel had brought for the work for the labor of the Sanctuary, to do it. But they continued to bring him free willed gifts morning after morning (Exodus 36:3).” “Morning after morning,” was their fixing of the sin when they overslept the morning of Revelation. (Chiddushei HaRim)

iGrow-Spiritual Tools: Use constructive actions, such as Torah study, Mitzvot and Prayer, to specifically target a positive action that corresponds to a mistake of the past.

iPraise-Pesukei d’Zimrah: I use this approach when singing Pesukei d’Zimrah: I begin with the Blessings of the Torah in iThank-Morning Blessings , and set my intentions for Pesukei d’Zimrah when I say, “Sweeten the words of Your Torah, God, our Lord, in our mouths,” – “I intend to use the singing of Pesukei d’Zimrah to repair the internal spiritual damage of destructive speech so I can fully experience the sweetness of Torah in my mouth.”

I repeat this intention before Pesukei d’Zimrah, before Ashrei, Vayivorech David, and finally, before the Song of the Sea.

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