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Tu Bishvat: Perek Shirah: The Grapevine

The grapevine sings: “”Thus said God, ‘Just as when the wine is found in a cluster, and someone says, “Do not destroy it, for there is blessing in it.” So will I do for My servants, not to destroy everything.” (Isaiah 65:8)

There are grapevines that increase the love between Israel and God, their Father in Heaven, when it reports to God of all the Mitzvot they perform with love. (Zohar – Pikudei) This is probably related to the fact that there are so many Mitzvot on which we recite the blessing over wine, Milah, Chupah, Shabbat, Yom Tov, Birchat Hamazon, and on Offerings.

It is therefore befitting that the song of the grapevine is one which argues for the protection of Israel.

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