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Ohev Yisrael: Vayeitzei: A Vehicle for God

Man is a microcosm, a miniature universe, and he thus consists of what is considered to be a complete structure. All universes, both spiritual and physical, make up a similar complete structure.


Entire universes are therefore counterparts of the various parts of the human body. Some universes correspond to the head, while others paralleled the brain, the nose, the eyes, years, hands and feet. The same is true of all other parts of the body. Each of these universes contains countless thousands upon thousands of worlds.

In the universe is that correspond to the hands and feet, the evil Outside Forces have a grasp. This is particularly true of the universe is corresponding to the fingernails and toenails.

All of this follows God’s thoughts and wisdom, according to what He deemed it necessary for creation.

The patriarch Jacob was a Throne for God’s glory, as is well known. Each throne, however, is encompassed by yet another throne. This continues step-by-step, for thousands upon thousands of steps. There is also the concept of the “High and Exalted Throne.” (This is the Throne to whoch we refer in our Shabat morning prayers, “O King enthroned upon a high a lofty throne [Isaiah 6:1].”)

To the extent that we can express it, Jacob was literally a throne and a vehicle on high for God’s glory. This is because Jacob’s attribute was truth, and Truth is the central point of all the spiritual universes on high.

It is for this reason that God said to Jacob, “Behold, I, Anochi, am with you (Genesis 28:15).” Anochi has the same numerical value as Kisei, the word for Throne.

There is absolutely no thought or concept that can grasp God at all. The question therefore arises, how can He even called Himself “I”?

This is what God was telling Jacob, the very fact that I called Myself Anochi which is the very 1st concept of identification, is only because I am “with you.” It is only possible through your attribute and concept.

Jacob had purified and sanctified his body to such an extent that it became a vehicle for the Holy Spirit jewel universes that parallel it. The fact that man can speak about God at all the us stems from the fact that he can sanctify himself, imitating God to some small extent, and thus becoming a vehicle for His Essence. (Ohev Yisrael, Vayeitzei)

KavanotThis can be used as a Kavanah for the Third Blessing of the Amidah: Kedusha: Through sanctifying ourselves, we can become a vehicle for God’s Presence in the world.

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