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Metzorah: Tiferet Shlomo: Preserving Long Life

The 29th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Shlomo (Dov Tzvi Hakohen) Rabinowitz of Radomsk, first Rebbe of the Radomsk dynasty (1803-1866). “If a woman’s blood flows from many days outside of her period of separation, or if she has a flow after her separation, all the days of her in pure flow shall be like the days of her separation; she is impure (Vayikra 15:25)” the Congregation of Israel is compared to a woman, and when her blood flows, when her children are being slaughtered and killed, it is the merit of her preserving her purity which will give her, the people of Israel, continued existence, a long life, “many days.” (Tiferet Shlomo, Metzorah)


It is in the marriage of preserving the purity of every aspect of our lives that is the source of the long life of the Jewish people. It is for this “long life,” that we pray when we ask God, “Purify our hearts.”

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