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Metzorah: Noam Elimelech: Thought & Action

“This shall be the Torah of the Metzorah on the day of his purification: He shall be brought to the Kohen (Vayikra 14:2).” Our Sages teach that, “A good thought; the Holy One, Blessed is He, joins it to an action.” They did not say that God considers the thought to do good as an action, but that He “joins” it to an action; God joins the thought of one person to do something good to the good action of another, performed without intention. At that point, the intention is considered an action.


This is the meaning of our verse: The Torah that someone learns as a Metzorah; without proper intention is brought-joined to the Torah of the Kohen, which is studied with proper intention.

This is why we value even the Torah which is studied not Lishma; it is brought-joined to the Torah of a “Kohen” to whom the person is connected. Therefore, a person must always be connected to someone who studies Lishma.


Use in the blessing of “al haTzaddikim”: Allow me to connect with people who study and serve You Lishma.

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