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Levi & Korach: A Constant Awakening of Responsibility

The Tribe of Levi appears once again in this week’s portion, Korach, and their role expands even more. The tribe that warred against Shechem, plotted with Shimon against Joseph, stood fast against the psychological warfare of Pharaoh, and fought alongside Moshe after the sin of the Golden Calf repeatedly appears in important roles in the history of Israel in Egypt.

Perhaps we can understand their development as a constant awakening of responsibility: They do not assume responsibility only once to rest on their laurels as spiritual leaders and teachers. They answered each opportunity as a call to respond. They possessed a highly attuned ability to respond – Response Ability.

This is the true lesson and role of Levi: We too can view life, and use our Torah study, Prayer, and Service of God as a Constant Awakening of Responsibility.

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