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Kiddush HaChodesh: General & Individual

“That You inaugurate this month upon us for goodness and for blessing. May You give us a longer life; a life of peace, a life of goodness, a life of blessing.” If we already requested that God inaugurates the month for goodness and for blessing, why do we repeat the request and ask for a life of goodness and a life of blessing?


We are requesting the influence of goodness and blessing on two levels: the first is on the level of the general Influence, while the second is on the level of Divine Individual Providence. We first request that God inaugurate the month in a general sense for goodness and for blessing. We then request that He is Individual Providence be directed towards each of us individually for goodness and for blessing. (Dover Shalom)

It seems that we recite this prayer on both a general and individual level. We begin by praying for general Influence for the entire world, and then follow with our individual needs. Therefore, it is appropriate before reciting the first sentence, to reflect on problems facing the world as a whole, and before reciting the second sentence, to stop and reflect on what we, as individuals, need.

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