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Imrei Pinchas: Vayeitzei: Simplicity

It is told in the name of Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz that he was very concerned lest we strain ourselves to attain Kavanah in order to reach the upper strata. He taught that instead, we should serve the Creator in simplicity. If we are worthy of attaining communion with the highest strata, it will come to us of itself.


Rabbi Pinchas told about someone who prayed to attain the Divine Spirit, Ruach haKodesh. His prayers were fulfilled halfway. He received spirit but it was not holy.

The meaning of the verse “And Jacob went on his way, , and the angels of God met him (Genesis 32:2),” is also told in the Rabbi’s name: Jacob went his own way, but he did not go after them. Understand this!

(Imrei Pinchas #187)

Jacob went on his way as he was, without the intention to achieve greatness. It was only the simplicity of his journey that allowed him to meet the angels of God.

toolsWe are often intimidated by the power of prayer and the need to attain the levels promised by a proper prayer. There is no better tool for an effective prayer than simplicity.

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