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Hand Strategy

Isn’t it interesting that no one ever tried to replicate Moshe’s Hand strategy? There is no story in the bible in which a king or prophet stands atop a mountain or hill, and raises his hands upward to God to remind the soldiers to devote their hearts to God. Moshe’s strategy worked. Yes, he needed help. Aharon and Chur had to hold Moshe’s hands up in the air, but it worked. Why did no one even attempt to replicate Moshe’s Hand Strategy?
A Moabite king tried to copy the Binding of Isaac!
Moshe’s Copper snake was turned into an idol!
But, no one, no one even considers using the Hand Strategy. Why not?

Tell a general that you want his soldiers to look up to the heavens as they battle with their swords. Try to get a general to have his soldiers focus their attention on the heavens as they shoot.

It may have worked for Moshe. It cannot possibly work for anyone else!

The Machberes Avodas Hashem asks if we have truly fulfilled the Mitzvah of Zachor if we are not quite ready to use Moshe’s Hand Strategy?

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