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Shema: Elul Kavanot: Nourishing the Five Levels of the Higher Soul

Borchu et Hashem haMevorach,” is an invitation for all the five levels of the Higher Soul to praise God for restoring them to us as we awoke in a way that we can access all the levels and use them to attach to Him.


The five words of “Baruch Hashem ha’Mevorach l’olam Va’ed,” correspond to the five levels of the Higher Soul, and empowers their prayer (Zohar Chadash, Ruth 110b).”

If it is important to activate each of the five levels of our higher soul each day in order to empower our prayers; it is even more essential during the month of Elul to consciously activate each level of our Higher Soul to empower our Teshuva and our Rosh Hashanah prayers.

Pause before beginning the Blessings of Shema to focus on each of the five levels and how we can use them in our service of God.

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