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Countdown to Pesach-26-The Gerer Rebbe

The Gerer Rebbe said: We find that the division of the waters of the Red Sea accomplished the beneficent result of instilling into Israel the virtues of Awe of God and of true belief in Him. As it is said, “And the people were in awe of God, and they believed in God (Exodus 14:31).”


By means of these virtues, they were able to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

It would be good for us to carry this lesson constantly in mind; namely that nothing can withstand the union of genuine awe of God, and sincere belief in Him (Siach Sarfei Kodesh III, 66).

As we prepare for Pesach, the Festival of Freedom, we must remember that God included this gift of Awe unified with belief as part of the freedom for the Children of Israel. We can use this, the fifth step, in preparing for Pesach to work on developing a stronger sense of awe of God, stronger belief, and unifying the two.

Blessing of Shema-Morning-Ahavah Rabbah: “Unify our hearts to love and fear Your Name.”

Haggadah: “It was not only our ancestors whom the Holy One, Blessed is He, redeemed from slavery; we, too, were redeemed with them.” We, too, can access this level of awe and belief.

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