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Countdown to Pesach-25-Shemen HaTov

Rav Shmelke taught: We read, “I have compared you, O my love, to a steed in Pharaoh’s chariots (Song of Songs 1:9).” The Mechilta (Exodus 14:25) explains that when the chariots of the Egyptians entered the Red Sea, the force of the current became so powerful that the horses were pulled along by the chariots.


Likewise, the soul within us has its own life, and our body can be compared to inert matter. Yet we permit our bodies to draw our souls into the torrent of pleasures, even as the living horses were dragged along by the chariots (Shemen HaTov, Page 7)

We must use the days of preparation for Pesach to connect to our souls as having their own life force, and observing when we allow the chariot to pull the horse, the body to drag down the soul, and focus on strengthening our souls to withstand the pull of the body-chariot.

iPraise-Pesukei d’Zimrah-The Song at the Sea: “Horse and rider, He tossed in the sea.” Empower us, through our connection to You, to strengthen our souls so they can withstand the pull of the chariot-body.

Haggadah: The Miracles at the Red Sea

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