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Bouncing Water

Bouncing Water

“God said to Moses, Behold! I shall rain down for you food from heaven; let the people go out and pick each day’s portion on its day, so that I can test them, whether they will follow My Teaching or not. And it shall be that on the sixth day when they prepare what they will bring, it will be double what they pick every day.” (Exodus 16:4-5)

When a drop of water drips onto the surface of water it bounces many times, each time shrinking in size as it melts into the water. (Bouncing Water) Every single raindrop bounces up and down. There are countless bouncing drops all around us every time it rains. (See Dripping Water)

Did the Manna rain bounce? It too, fell onto a surface of moisture; the bottom layer of dew. Did it simply rain from the sky, or did it have the same essence as rain?

The Children of Israel were placed into a situation in which they had to pray everyday for the next day’s manna. They acknowledged the need for God’s constant involvement in the world. This rings of Adam’s first job, which was to pray for rain. Everything that God had planted was waiting just below the surface for rain, and God did not send the rain until Adam prayed.

In fact, when God wanted moisture to mix from the earth in order to form the physical body of the Primal man, He had a mist rise from the surface of the earth to moisten the land.

There were actually three stages: The lower moisture that rose, the mixture of earth and water to form the man, and then the rain for which Adam prayed. Three stages; three levels, just as the Manna was only one of three levels: Dew, Manna, and a covering of dew.

The Manna represents the man, who was formed from the mixture of lower moisture and earth. So, I ask again? Did the Manna bounce?

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