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Tools for Growth: Zichron Avraham: Achieving the Necessary Tzniut to Give Charity

The 5th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Avraham (ben Enosh) HaLevi Bing of Wurzberg (1841), author of Zichron Avraham.


Do not respond in anger or aggression to those who verbally attack you.

After you have mastered your external response, practice shedding any internal aggression.

Once you have mastered your inner response to others, you will be prepared to constantly act even in the privacy of your home with awareness of God’s Presence.

After you achieve this level of awareness; you will be prepared to perform Mitzvot without any consideration of how anyone other than God perceives you.

Only then will you be fully ready to give charity to another with full modesty, so that the recipient will not bear any shame.

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