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Zera Beirach: Vaeira

When Moshe complained to God in the conclusion of the previous portion he addressed God as A-d-o-n-a-I, which is actually a combination of DN – Din – and A Y, which represent A: Eheye: I will always be with Israel, and Y: of the Name YHVH, the name of compassion.

Moshe thought that the DN – Din – would be against the Egyptians, and the A Y would direct God’s interaction with Israel.

When Moshe’s first visit to Pharaoh resulted in further suffering for Israel , he experienced God as an enemy (Galanti) and he was confused. How would the Names of God, His attributes interact?

God begins this portion with Elokim – Din – Judgment- and then immediately switches to the Name of Compassion, to tell Moshe that even what he perceives as Din against Israel, is actually an expression of compassion.

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