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Zachor: Melechet Machashevet

“Moses built an altar and called it, “God is my Miracle,’ and he said, ‘For the Hand is on the Throne of the Lord; God maintains a war against Amalek, from generation to generation (Shemot 17:15-16)


A spirit of bitterness entered the hearts of Israel after the war with Amalek as they knew they would have to fight them again, as the spied provoked the people by saying, “Amalek dwells in the area of the south (Bamidbar 13:29).”

How would they have the confidence to battle Amalek if Moshe was not there to raise his arms as he did during this first battle, and which they saw as the key to their victory?

Therefore, Moshe build the Altar to remind them that, “God is my Miracle.” it will be, “His Hand on His Throne,” leading us to victory. The stone on which I sat symbolized God’s Throne. (Rabbi Moshe Cheifetz – Melechet Machashevet; Bishalach)

Food For ThoughtHint: Find all the references to the “Hand of the King” and “Throne,” in the Book of Esther, and see how Mordechai and Esther applied the lessons of Moshe to their situation.

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