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Morning Blessings-Yesod v’Shoresh haAvodah

The 18th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Alexander (ben Moshe) Ziskind, born in Brzhen, but lived most of his life in Horodna (Grodno, Belarus), Lithuania, the product of the teaching of Rav Aryeh Leib Epstein, Rav of Nikolsberg. He authored the mussar work, Yesod V’shoresh Ha’avoda, which contains how one should behave every hour of the day and kavanos for tefillos and mitvos, as well as Karnei Ohr, a commentary on the Zohar. (1700-1794) [Adar II]


All the blessings were ordained so that a person would remember the Creator, Blessed is He, and His Godliness at all times and at every moment. (Yesod v’Shoresh haAvodah, Gate 2, chapter 4)

When you make blessings of enjoyment, you should intend to praise and give thanks to the Cause of all, Who created that thing. And through that praise you will cleave in love to the Creator, recognizing His greatness and exaltedness.

The flow of His goodness and Light is without cease, and for that reason are we obliged to bless Him. That is why it was established that we say blessings on everything, so that we remember the greatness and exaltedness of the Holy One, Blessed is He, and His love and continual care for us at all times.

He created this thing so that His creatures would benefit and derive enjoyment from the flow of His Divine goodness. Through these blessings we will always cleave to Him. (Reishit Chochmah, Gate of Love, Chapter 10, #45)

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