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Amidah: Yerushalayim Part One

Transcribed by Michael Beller: There is a difference between the way you approach a problem in terms of Emuna and bitachon:


Look at the difference between the people that originally entered eretz yisroel, their perspective of Yerushalaim, and ours. Lets understand that theres’ a fundamental difference between someone entering eretz yisroel together with yehoshua and this persons perspective of Yerushalaim, and the perspective of the people for the fourteen years that it took to capture and settle eretz yisroel, the 363 years of shilo then after shilo was destroyed (shilo was was destroyed by the philistines, by goliath)

How can a person speak lashon hara despite knowing everything? Because if they don’t want to think about the halacha they block it out. If they find that they are doing avairas because they don’t think about what they should be thinking about then that means they possess the skill to shut something of in their minds.

And God our lord took us out from there with a strong hand and an outstretched arm”. Whose hand was strengthened? Moshe. Whose arm is stretched out in the story? Moshe’s. when Moshe sees the burning bush Hashem says “Take off your shoes, the place where you stand is holy” why is it holy? Because Moshe is standing there, its not the fire that is holy it’s Moshe.

When Hashem tells moshe tells moshe to take the jews out of Egypt he says “who am I?”. whats the whole pesach about? Hashem gives moshe 10 mizechtaz, and moshe decides he’s only gonna tell them one rule; the blood, and don’t leave. It was at that moment that moshe understood what happened at the sne, that’s what everything is about.go through the whole story youll realize why do you have a nachash because it’s a reenactment of adam and chava.

Adam and chava had no idea who they were, so they did a big sin. After the do the sin they “hear the voice of the lord walking in the garden”. How were they able to hear the voice of the lord walking? . . . . we’re looking at Jerusalem with one perspective, but the jews that are going to Yerushalaim are looking at it from another perspective, which is “where?”.

We at least have a conception that theres a place that is what Yerushalaim is, they don’t even know what that’s suppose to be. They know theres a place where Yaakov went to sleep and he had a dream of a ladder, but it doesn’t really say where it is. They know that theres a place where avraham avinu gave Yitzchak as a karban.

When you daven “v’li Yerushalaim” the first question you have to ask is, are you davening for Yerushalaim as someone entering eretz yisroel together with yehoshua wondering where is it, what is it, what will it be like? It’s the place God chose and place has been a theme since the time of adam, moshe.

You have to understand, this place is going to be so important you have to go to that place three times a year. When the jews would go to the bet hamikdash God would protect their homes. The people who were in the desert with moshe, and went into eretz yisroel with Yehoshua knew that once there is this place three times a year we’re all gonna go.

Tosvos quotes “because Torah comes out of Zion,”why does the torah come from Zion? Because that’s where the sanhedrin was…… you walk into Yerushalaim and you see kohanim walking around everywhere doing the avoda, its impossible to walk into a holy Yerushalaim and not say ,“that’s it, I want to learn torah!”. That’s what it means to have Yerushalaim, its not the buildings, its not the highways, it is that you walk into Yerushalaim and it is impossible to walk into yerushaliam and not say thats it I now have yir ha shamaim. What happened if you where in Yerushalaim and you where depressed? You had to leave the city because you understood that a sad person cant be in Yerushalaim, so there was a place you would go outside the city when you where depressed.

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