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Festival Prayers: Ya’aleh Viyavo

What is the reason why in Yaaleh V’Yavo we say: 1. 1-yaaleh, 2-v’yavo, 3-yeira’eh 4-v’yeiratzeh, 5-yeeshama 6-yeepakeid 7-v’yeezacheir


2. why zichronot?

3. why zichron Yerushalayim Your city?

4. why *zichron* mashiach ben david Your servant

5. and the *zichron* of all *Your* nation the house of Israel

I see the connection of *Your* in all three

Originally my question was triggered as to why davka Mashiach

Then I was wondering why it was phrased as zichron Mashiach

Then I was wondering why these three items per se (and not others, e.g. the Torah)

And then I got to wondering about the opening lashon

All in all, I’ve been saying the tefillah for years and I have no idea what I’m really saying. E.E.

The seven levels you listed above correspond to the Seven Lower Sefirot. We should picture or imagine the prayer rising up through 7 levels: The prayer must first be empowered by our intention and awareness to rise to the heavens. This, first level demands an awareness of the power of our actions/words/thoughts on this world: We can speak and have the words “rise” to the point where they are not limited by this physical world. The Kabbalists describe the expansive, or Chesed, power, as the words rising to a level at which the individual letters dance and move, forming an infinite combinations of more words and ideas. The expansiveness adds enough beauty to the prayer that all the words we spoke and all the words formed by the dancing letters, form new decorations on the Crown of God.

A prayer that has achieved this expansiveness now has the ability to enter the highest Heichalot – Courtyards in Heaven, and actually stand before the Creator. This empowered prayer – filled with Gevurah – has entered a realm where it can have far greater influence on all of Creation.

If the words are filled with the beauty of a Soul reaching toward its Source, it has Tiferet. It can be “Seen”: It will catch the attention of God.

A prayer, so expansive, powerful and beautiful – Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet – will attract God’s Ratzon – the very source of Creation: God willed to create the world. God’s “Ratzon” in eternal, for it is, inlike ours, ever-lasting and has reality, or Netzach.

This prayer, so developed and empowered by our awareness and will pushing it up, making it beautiful and connecting to the Source of All Existence, can achieve Intimacy of Attachment – Shema: As in Hashmi’I Li – Relate to me on the deepest level. It reflects the deepest glory of a Soul – its Hod.

Each soul has a specific mission to which it is Appointed – Pakaid. The Soul that can raise its prayer to such a level has connected with its essence – Yesod – at the highest level – and will receive the Pekida – the assistance to achieve its purpose.

When the Soul connects and fulfills its purpose it has incorporated all of its work and achievements – Malchut.

Zichronot is a reflection of how a specific thing matters. A Soul that has achieved all of the above with Ya’aleh V’Yavo, connects with all of Creation and adds meaning.

The meeting point of Creation is in Yerushalayim, where Heaven and Earth connect.

The Zichron of David is that Moshiach’s spiritual reality exists in the world. We request that the Spiritual reality be granted more life-force and become more of a reality for us.

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