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Who Is Really Talking?: The Child Who Doesn’t Care to Ask

We explained in “Who Is Really Talking?: The Wicked Child,” that the child reflects the Makom, the environment, in which he is being raised. What is the context of the Child Who Doesn’t Care Enough to Ask?


“For a seven-day period shall you eat Matzot, and on the seventh day there shall be a festival to God. Matzot shall be eaten throughout the seven-day period; no chametz may be seen in your possession, not may leaven be seen in your possession in all your borders (Exodus 13:6-7).” The “conversation” with this child begins in the following verse, “And you shall tell your son.” No question. He didn’t ask.

The paragraph began with the Pesach story, without mention of the offering, without any explanation of Matzah, without any hint as to why Chametz is prohibited. There is nothing other than observance without involvement. The parents don’t care. Neither does the child; he doesn’t bother to ask. It is not the Child who doesn’t ask; it’s the parents!

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