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Weinberg's Snow Removal Service

I don’t have to go to the gym today! It took more time for me to shovel the snow than I would usually spend in the gym and I certainly burned enough calories. In fact, although my muscles ache and my back is sore, I enjoy shoveling snow (without Pip’s help. See Silence) more than using a treadmill. When I walk off the treadmill I am exactly where I began. When I finish shoveling the snow I have tangible proof of my work. (A Measure of Success)

Instead of paying the gym for using their treadmill, I can shovel snow for people, make some money, exercise and lose weight. I can already hear you challenging my brilliant idea with the ridiculous issue of it not being regular enough work to lose weight. Please! Do you know how my body stores each and every calorie I eat and expresses its appreciation in my belly? Well, instead of storing calories I have consumed, I will store the calories I burn!

Joseph tried it and it worked! He collects all his credits for saving and feeding his family and uses them to make a promise to his family that God will surely redeem them from Egypt. Joseph has so much credit that his promise actually keeps alive everyone’s hopes for more than 150 years. The Children of Israel accept stored credits.

The Egyptians did not. It wasn’t long before they forgot all that Joseph had done for them. OK, he did make them pay for their food he had stored, and he did make them sell everything they owned, even themselves to Pharaoh as slaves. He also moved them around so that they lost all sense of community. So, he burned some credits. I suspect that the Egyptians felt the way I feel after 45 minutes on the treadmill; exhausted and hard to see any progress. They gave him much of the food they grew and then had to pay him to buy it back. No wonder that wanted the Children of Israel to work at such unfulfilling jobs when they were slaves.

Perhaps Joseph understood that the Children of Israel would only survive because they never experienced a sense of accomplishment from their work in Egypt. If they could view 210 years of work in measured accomplishments it would have been very difficult for them to leave Egypt for the desert.

Perhaps the Egyptians viewed Joseph’s credits as expired, but the Jews did not. They allowed him to store his credits for generations. Weinberg’s Snow Removal – Burned Calories Storage Service works for those kinds of people.

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