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Visions of Greatness

I wake up when it is still dark outside, so it was easy to notice the squares of light that were floating around the room. They were scenes from Pip’s dreams. There were pictures of bones floating next to much larger pictures of rib steaks, all the things you would expect to occupy a dog’s dreams. The largest scene was of Pip dressed up like the Red Baron all ready to fly. Even my dog has visions of greatness!

I looked around to se if there were any scenes from my dreams floating around. They seem to disappear the second you wake up. I wondered what my “big dream scene” would be. I asked myself what my visions of greatness are, especially now that we are so close to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

There is a sentence we repeat throughout Yom Kippur that sums up my “big scene”: “May it be Your will, God, my Lord, and the Lord of my ancestors, that I not sin again.”

I actually pray that I never sin again. There must be a part of me that believes that it is possible that I never sin again.

That is my Vision of Greatness.

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