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V’Hi Sheamda: Klausenberger Rebbe – Why Do We Hold Up The Wine?

In V’Hi Sheamda we talk about how in each generation we face annihilation and our saving grace is that Hashem rescues us time and again.  Why do we hold up a cup of wine as we describe this difficult phenomenon?  Another question all the Meforshim ask is what is the “V’hi” that stood up for us in each generation?

The Talilei Oros brings from the Klausenberger Rebbe that the gemara in Eiruvin (65a) says that since the pasuk compares us in galus to drunkards who have lost their way and don’t know what they are doing, we are therefore theoretically excused for all our aveiros since we are not of sound mind.  We have strayed so far we don’t know the way back, nor do we even know that we are lost.  We surely don’t understand the severity of our plight and the anguish that this long bitter galus and our indifference is causing Hashem.

The Klausenberger Rebbe explains that we hold up the wine and say, although we have sinned and deserve to be wiped out in each generation, it is only because we are drunk from our troubles.   Therefore we are not responsible for our actions.  This is the V’hi that stands up for us.  This is why Hakadosh Boruch Hu Matzileinu M’Yadam.

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