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Vayikach Moshe: Toledot: Raising Individuals

The 1st of Kislev is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Moshe Hager of Radovitz, author of Vayikach Moshe (1904). People wondered how Abraham, the paradigm of Chesed – lovingkindness – could father and raise Yitzchak who lived according to the Attribute of Din – Strict Justice.

When people realized that Isaac, in turn, fathered and raised Jacob, who represents the perfect balance of Chesed and Din – Tiferet – they understood that Abraham and Isaac, did not raise children who were copies of themselves, but rather, they raised their children to choose their own path in their service of God.

We teach our children to open new doors and pathways to the Almighty. We understand that our nation has developed only because we are committed to the idea that there is a unique part of Torah for each soul.

This must begin with the way we study Torah. We cannot attempt to be like someone else. Our Torah study must be with the absolute awareness that our unique gift of Torah is waiting for us to discover it.

When we can learn with that awareness, we will be able to properly train and educate our children. (Vayikach Moshe, Toledot)

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