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Vayeitzei: Genetic Thanksgiving

When Leah gives birth to Yehudah, she exclaims: “This time, I will thank God” (Vayetzeh 29:35)¬† At that point, she establishes the “thanksgiving gene” in her offspring; “And Yehudah

recognized (‘hakarah’ means recognition; a form of gratitude) and said: she is right” (Vayeshev 38:26)

King David wrote in Psalms 107:1 “Give thanks to God for He is good, for His kindness endures forever”.
Daniel said: “To You, O God of my forefathers, I give thanks and praise” (Daniel 2:23).
(Y. Bachrach, Machar Chodesh)

As Yehudim (from the root hoda’ah- thanks), we should nurture and develop our aptitude to be thanksgivers.
It is only through our efforts to master this trait that we can pass on to our children the seeds that Leah planted  so long ago.

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