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Vayechi-Jacob’s Farewell-Baruch Shem Kivod Malchuto III

When we mention God’s Name we are describing what we limited human beings can understand about God, Who is Infinite. In this verse, we describe God’s “Kavod,” or Glory, only by name. We cannot even understand God’s glory as it is, only by name.

The Children of Israel saw God’s glory rest on the Mishkan they had constructed. They stood in awed silence as Moshe completed the structure, waiting to see what would happen. Would their efforts to build a house for God be successful? It was difficult for the people who had stood at Sinai at the Revelation to believe that they could build a physical place for God.

They saw God’s Glory rest on the Mishkan. Moshe attempted to enter, but even he, who had gone all the way up Sinai and spent three sets of 40 days and 40 nights with God, could not enter the structure.

The people understood that they had succeeded. God’s Presence would not be constrained in order to rest on the Mishkan. It came with its full force, so powerful that even Moshe could not enter.

It is difficult to believe that we can accomplish perfecting the world so that God’s full Glory can be restored to His Creation. Yet, we witnessed our successful efforts at the dedication of the Mishkan.

We have just declared God’s Unity in the Shema. We whisper our hope that our awareness of His Unity will perfect the world so that His Glory will be fully restored to His Creation.

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