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Haftarah: Vayakhel: The Two Pillars

“He fashioned the two pillars of copper; 18 cubits the height of each pillar, and its circumference could be measured by a 16 cubit string–and so was the second pillar. He made two crowns to place atop the two pillars, cast from copper; five cubits the height of one crown and five cubits the height of the second crown. There were nettings of meshwork, graded, chain work, for the crowns that were atop the pillars, seven for the one crown and seven for the second crown. He made the pillars, and two rows of pomegranates all around on each netting, to cover the crowns that were on top with pomegranates; and he did the same for the second crown. The crowns that were atop the pillars had the same rose like (Shushan) design as the hall, for few cubits for four cubits. And the crowns on the two pillars extended also upward opposite the bulge that was at the side of the netting, and the 200 pomegranates–in rows all around–were on the second crown. He set up the pillars for the whole of the sanctuary; he set up the right pillar and called its name “Yachin,” (Redak: Prepared For Greatness) and he set up the left pillar and called its name “Boaz.” (Redak: Blessed with Strength) On the top of the pillars was a rose-like design, so the work of the pillars was completed.”

Outside the Vestibule Gateway appeared two glorious lights in the form of two great pillars standing by the entrance, one to the right and one to the left.

Understand the meaning of these pillars: they are branches of the two supreme “constellations”. These are the source of all light and all blessing, and have a decisive influence on everything that happens in the upper and lower worlds.

From then emerged the Three Great Names of God that opened the Sanctuary gate and created the Vestibule before it, showing that the branch is never separated from the root. No matter how far the light descends, it always remains connected with its source. That is why these two lights appeared here in the form of these two pillars, a lower manifestation of the two Supreme Lights that are the source of the heavens and ultimately control all things.

These columns are very tall, as it is known to those who understand the Tree and its Branches and their Source.

The truth is that the distance between the place where these lights emerge in the place where they cease to shine is 60 cubits, after which their light is given over to the two great Lights of Tiferet and Malchut, which determine everything that happens in the world.

It is from here that everything destined to come down from the two “constellations” descends, until it reaches the bottom and makes the appropriate dates.

(Ramchal: Mishkinei Elyon – Secrets of the Future Temple

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