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Morning Blessings-Vayakhel: The Coming World

We say in the Morning Blessings: “These are the precepts of which a person enjoys their fruits in This World, but whose principal remains intact for him in the World to Come.”


“Olam Habah” is in the present tense: “the World that is coming”. It should have been “Olam Sheyavoh”, in the future tense. However, one who is deserving and clings to God through Torah and Divine service, merits to see that World in his lifetime. This is the meaning of “the World that is coming”. (Shelah HaKadosh, Vayakhel, 73:1)

We don’t always see tangible results of our spiritual endeavors in this world. It often seems that our efforts are not directly rewarded. And, we must realize that even when we do enjoy the physical fruits of our labor, it is in a limited manner.

However, what the Shelah HaKadosh points at is that although the “principal remains intact” for us to benefit from in the Infinite World, God allows us to taste it in this world.

If we make “Olam Habah” our reality, if we live with it in the present tense, then, the fruits that we get to enjoy in this world are flavored with the perfume of The World That Is Coming.

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