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Parsha Mitzvot-Vayakhel-Friday Night Amidah

The “Unbounded Inheritance” appears and the two Cherubim reign. From the power they generate, the days of rest are ever renewed. The holy rungs are refreshed there, while the profane rungs are annulled. The “Wiens,” those constraining boundaries which cling to the holy rungs, hiding their heads and the seventh rung, the perfect Bride, adorned in holy raiment, is revealed.


For this reason, the Shabbat sacrificial service was required in the Sanctuary, but forbidden in in the provinces; as it says in this week’s portion, “You shall kindle no fire in your settlements on the Shabbat day (Exodus 35:3),” so as not to arouse the profane rungs and incline the Tree of Knowledge to the side of evil. But in the Sanctuary, the domain of the Bride, “on the Shabbat day, two perfect yearling male lambs (Numbers 28:9),” are to be offered; for there, Malchut reigns. One who engages in profane labor takes away from the Glory and makes Her into a separate authority. [Sod haShabbat, Section 14]

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