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Taking it with you-Vayakhel-Attaching to Eternal Life

The 23rd of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of the Divrei Binah of Bialah: “They were even at the bottom and together they were matching at the top (Exodus 36:29).” In all your actions, even the mundane, those that are “at the bottom,” see to it that they are, “matching at the top,” deserving to have a place in the Upper Worlds. (Divrei Binah; Rabbi Yitzchak Yaakov of Bialah)


“May it be Your will, God, our Lord, and Lord of our forefathers, that we observe Your decrees in This World, and merit that we live and see and inherit goodness and blessings in the years of Messianic times and for the life of the World to Come.”

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