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VaEtchanan: Mitzvah 420-Concept 76:Shema: Divine Simplicity

The Shema is where we work on our relationship with God. This means hard work, just like the work on any other relationship—with our spouse or children.

In any relationship, we commit to some extent and have doubts to some extent. It’s not possible that some doubt does not creep in. That’s because there are so many different parts to our personalities and to the personalities of our spouses—and ours and theirs don’t always correspond. When they don’t, one partner may feel as though he or she is not connecting, and that sense of separateness is frightening.

What is important to know is that with God, there is no such thing. God is not made up of one part that says one thing, and another part that says something else. We human beings are conflicted when making a decision, but God is not. God is echad—God is one. God is whole. Whatever God is, He is with His entire being. Therefore, if God tells us He loves us, this means He loves us with His entire being.

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