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Blessings of The Shema: U’Vituvo Mechdeish

“In His goodness renews daily, perpetually, the work of creation.” (First Blessing of the Morning Shema) The Midrash and Zohar speak of a man who owes money to another, and the borrower asks the lender to guard an object for him. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender may collect the debt from the object he is watching. A human being owes everything to God; we are the borrowers. We ask for even more when we use His gifts to sin. We also ask Him to guard our souls for us. Yet, the Blessed One, is He, does not collect the debt from the soul He is guarding. God restores the soul refreshed and renewed to us each morning.

The renewal of creation is to allow us to see each new day as a fresh opportunity for eternal life, without feeling weighed down by the mistakes of our past and without the shame of the borrower unable to pay a loan.

Use this verse to celebrate the opportunities of life.

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