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Taking it With Us: U’Va L’Tzion: With a Whole Heart

“May He open our heart through His Torah and imbue our heart with love and awe of Him that we may do His will and serve Him wholeheartedly, so that we do not struggle in vain nor produce for futility.”


The Tashbetz Katan (#529) teaches that when a righteous person passes from this world, an angel comes and recounts all that he did with proper intention, a whole heart. We therefore pray that our Torah study imbue us with the necessary love and awe to achieve wholehearted Service of God.

We are praying, in this phrase, for our Torah study to elevate our entire Service of God, so that all we do will be recounted by the angel, and none of our efforts be in vain or futile.

The Zohar teaches that all the Torah we study in this world will be revealed to us with all its deepest secrets in the World to Come, even a fool who does not understand anything he studies in this world, as long as we study with this intention that our Torah study imbue us with love and awe so that we may serve with our whole heart.

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