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Parsha Mitzvot: Tzav: Mitzvah 142 – Concept 364

“Every meal-offering of a Kohen is to be entirely caused to go up in smoke; it shall not be eaten (Vayikra 6:16).” We may not eat the meal-offering of the Kohen Gadol (Rambam, Ma’aseh ha-Korbanot – The Laws of the Sacrificial Procedure).


The meal-offering of a Kohen has two characteristics that make it holier than other offerings, even the meal-offering of a non-Kohen: The meal-offering is brought from ingredients that were created on the third day of creation, before the fourth day, when God minimized the moon’s light; the representation of limitation. The Kohanim did not sin with the Golden Calf, and were therefore able to fully access the power of the meal-offering; a world without limitation.

Therefore, their meal-offering has a higher level of sanctity; it should not be transformed into something physical, but should rise as a whole on the Altar. (Nachalat Binyamin: Compare to Rambam, Moreh Nevuchim, Volume III, Chapter 46, and Periush Rabbi Menachem ha-Bavli on the parsha)

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