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Parsha Mitzvot: Tzav: Mitzvah 148 – Concept 192

“An eternal decree for your generations in all your dwelling places; you may not consume any fat or any blood (Vayikra 3:17).” “Any person who consumes any blood; that soul will be cut off from its people (7:27).” We may not consume the blood of a domesticated animal, wild beast, or bird (Rambam, Hilchot Ma’achalot Assurot – The Laws of Forbidden Foods).


A reason for the prohibition against eating blood and fat is suggested by the juxtaposition between the prohibition and the commandment to place them upon the Altar. Since they can be used in God’s Temple service, it would be disrespectful for us to eat them. When the Jew in exile refrains from eating such foods, he demonstartes his yearning for the restoration of the Temple and its Holy service. (Rav Samson R. Hirsch; Vayikra 3:17)

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