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Parsha Mitzvot: Tzav: Mitzvah 144 – Concept 394

“And the flesh of his feast thanksgiving peace-offering must be eaten on the day of its offering; he shall not leave any of it until morning (Vayikra 7:15) We may not leave over any of the flesh of the Korban Todah (Chinuch 144). The Rambam derives this law from a different verse (See Minchat Chinuch for discussion), “It must be eaten on that same day, you shall not leave any of it until morning; I am God (22:30).” We may not leave sacrifices past the time allowed for eating them (Rambam, Hilchot Pisulei ha-Mukdashim – The Laws of Disqualified Offerings).


This Mitzvah trains us in Bitachon, Trusting in God’s Commitment to us, as we are forbidden to store away food for the future rather than rely that God will provide. Sefer ha-Chinuch

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